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Heart of Man Post-Game

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, I hosted my FIRST webinar called "The Heart of Man."

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The Heart of Man

In this webinar, I shared details regarding men's health & heart disease. During the planning process, I felt so skeptical of myself and doubted my ability to do it. I see many other people with more credentials than I have. They host these powerfully insightful education workshops. After attending, I always leave feeling empowered and more enlightened than before.. Surely I need more experience & time before I can do the same thing, RIGHT?


WRONG! Something that I learned from preparing for this webinar was that with the right tools & organized content, I can create an educational experience worthy of attending. When coming up with the name & organizing my content, here were a few things I asked myself: 1. Is there a need?

The Statistics demonstrate a need for more heart health conversation in men
Statistics on heart disease & men's health

2. Are people interested in hearing about it?

66 Tickets sold for "The Heart of Man"
Tickets Sold

3. Am I qualified to talk about it?



A few months ago, I posted an article called Disrupter Greg. I explained how I am here to establish myself in this field & make my presence known. I feel that many people feel uneasy about establishing themselves in a unique way or within a unique niche. While many have strong reasons, experiences, personal convictions, and stories as to why they want to leap into something new, they soon find themselves drowned in complacency & end up as another voice in the crowd. I cannot speak to the sacrifices that people make in their personal lives and/or the priorities that people face that make them choose what they choose. But when is enough, enough? The self-doubt, self-critiquing, self- sabotage have to end at some point!These were thoughts I struggled with when even creating this event. What if it's not effective? What if no one shows up? What if it doesn't doesn't materialize? What helped me was this:

Even if this event impacts 1 person, then it is a success.

So instead of focusing on 66+ attendees, I focused on having a conversation as if ONE person was in attendance. This helped alleviate the pressure and allowed me to focus on presenting in a personable & relatable manner. On top of this, it was knowing that God gifted me with a strong & stubborn work ethic, the ability to organize content, and the voice to deliver it in an impactful manner. This all contributed to my confidence in presenting "The Heart of Man." On January 27, 30 + attendees were present for the Heart of Man. This was perfectly fine with me because remember, I was only expecting 1 person to show up! And OF COURSE SOMETHING had to go wrong. I learned 15 minutes before the event that the Zoom link was not working. I created a new zoom link & sent it out 5 minutes before the event started to all my registrants! Yes, that was stressful, but it all worked out!

🚨The recording will be available FOR FREE during the whole month of February. Please see the link in my bio to access. After February, it will be available on for a fee. Take advantage of it while it is FREE!

I received a wave of positive reviews and insightful feedback on how I can improve for next time. Next time, yes next time. This won't be the last. That same empowered and enlightened feeling that I get after attending an educational workshop, people explained that they felt the same way after attending mine. Ultimately this was a humbling & electrifying experience. It reinforced the importance of what I do and HOW I do it: Delivering Optimal education & nutrition intervention for optimal performance to ALL people, especially men.

What should my next webinar be on?

  • Diabetes

  • Obesity/Weight management

  • Testosterone

  • Prostate Health

February is National Heart Health Month. I hope you will take the next step in your Heart health.
The Heart of Man

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Hi. I have learned there's no success without stress. Everything you do in life with a pure heart will be beneficial for you and others. Stay blessed and positive always.

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