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About Me


Gregory Lafortune, MS, RDN, LD

At the age of 11, I was told that I had Type 1 Diabetes. I truly hated this reality and battled it daily.  I had two options to choose from:

 1) Make excuses & let this diagnosis ruin my life or

2) Take control of my health & rule over negativity.

Through faith, prayer,  and support from my village, I was able to adopt a more positive outlook on my condition. I decided to take control of my health & rule over the negativity associated with my health. I decided to pursue nutrition as a career to learn how to personally manage my diabetes and help communities of people who also struggle with chronic diseases of many sorts.



I  earned my B.S. at Georgia State University in 2016 and  my M.S. in Nutrition & Human Performance at Logan University in 2020. I shortly completed my Dietetic Internship in 2021. I passed my Registered Dietitian exam on the 4th attempt (no shame here), and the rest is HIStory. All Glory to God! 


Entrepreneurship started in 2017 when I started my initial health coaching business. Clocked in Wellness, LLC. However, I knew that I wanted to be a dietitian one day. Once I passed the exam, my nutrition private practice was established It is called:


I now provide high-quality nutrition knowledge & intervention to those seeking to improve nutrition practices. I wanted to forge my path and blaze a trail for male dietitians in the nutrition space, where we are severely underrepresented. Though I serve both men and women, I have a passion for the health challenges we as men face. My philosophy in 6 words: Optimized Nutrition for Optimal Performance.

PERSONALIZATION is the root of this. Factors like chronic disease, food security/budget, family history, eating disorders, etc. need to inform the nutrition recommendations that you receive. Specific nutrition needs must be addressed, & I will simplify that for you. As men, we have higher rates of chronic disease. There is a sense of neglect when it comes to taking care of our bodies and health. I hope to change that. The world needs it. MEN need it. This is why I  use evidence-based nutrition to speak up and counsel on the relationship between nutrition, & 

  •  Adiposity / Obesity

  •  Brain Health 

  •  Cardiovascular Health

  •  Diabetes

  •  Men's Health

  •  Prostate Health 

  •  Sexual Health

  •  Sports & Fitness


fun facts


I play 4 instruments (drums, bass guitar, tuba, & harmonica). I'll probably learn a 5th at some point too.

I am a HUGE Stevie Wonder fan! Stevie doesn't have a "hive" like Beyonce, but I probably need to start one.


I marched tuba with the GSU Marching Band in 2013 for President Barack Obama's Inauguration Parade in Washington, DC. (No lie, that's a good-looking brotha).


I have a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter. I cherish both dearly. When I'm not with nutrition, I'm with them. 


I am HAITIAN. I love Haitian FOOD, Haitian CHURCH, and most importantly, being a Haitian male Registered Dietitian!




Embrace cultural diversity.

Research shows that the Mediterranean diet is best for many reasons. Okay, that's cool, but I'm not from there. Does that mean I have to unlearn being Haitian and learn how to be Mediterranean to live a healthful life? NO. I believe in finding ways and resources to support cultural diversity all while managing/healing chronic disease.


Your condition describes but doesn't define.

I always correct people when they call me diabetic or call someone obese. Correction: I HAVE diabetes. Someone HAS OBESITY. I put a fine line between a clinical condition that you have vs. who you are as a person. Words have power. When it comes to your health, I believe you must watch how you label yourself


Science is Supreme.

Not emotions, not family history/traditions, etc. If you are looking for someone to tell you that you can eat whatever you want or you can reach your health goals being comfortable and complacent, I am simply not your guy. I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, not a fad diet or bro-science ambassador. This is my commitment to you.


Iron sharpens Iron. Brother Strengthens brother.

In every successful community, there are responsible men who lead, hold themselves accountable, and prioritize their health & well-being. As a dietitian, I truly believe in the power of a man to make well-informed food decisions that support all components of his health (mind, body, and spirit). For the number of men that go through our healthcare system, I prioritize addressing this concern through medical nutrition therapy and coaching. Though my services aren't for men exclusively, I am especially passionate about how I can sharpen my brother.

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